Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The time has come for all of us, teachers, get in touch with our students in cyber space. Blogging with students will be the new trend in education that will become the most common source of mobile communication between students in the classroom in the coming years.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Thing #23

My favorite discoveries were Delicious, Flickr , The library thing , PhotoStory and Wikipedia. I also enjoyed making my avatar, my skin, and learning how to manage my blog which at first was a bit overwhelming but once I crossed that line everything got easier.
From here on I have a countless amount of resources to satisfy the needs in my classroom. I know I will be sharing it and using it at school this year.
One thing that kind of surprise me was Google. I knew that it was a great search engine but I was not aware of its amount of applications and how interconnected they are with other tools. It made it easy to navigate from one place to another. One thing that I had hard time was getting permission to place my comment in the Wikki's sandbox.
I think 23 things is too much. In my opinion, half as many tools would be better with more specific assignments to practice in each one.
I would love to participate in another Tech program. As a long life learner, in this ever changing cyberspace, there are always new tech things to cultivate myself.
23 things is an amazing opportunity to grow in the field of technology. The amount of useful technology at the teachers and librarians' hands lends itself to provide the desired or needed information to satisfy the demands required at work. Even though it is time consuming it is worth it.
I enjoyed reading the comments in other participants' blogs and seeing the creativity in their skins and blog design. I will do more on that now that I have completed all my discovery assignments.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thing #22

This is the first time I have heard of Ning, a social network for teachers. One of the features I liked is that Ning is easy to use and that it has interesting posts to learn from. http://teacherlingo.com/ I Like this teacher lounge in Ning. It is a place where you can share your good and not so good days, get ideas for lessons, find other teachers in your field, etc.
At school, this tool lends itself for collaboration and vertical alignment communication among teachers. I don't think I would use Ning with my students in my Kinder classroom. However, I will keep it in mind to share it with my team mates. I like that you have the option to keep it private and allow participants to join in just by invitation.

Thing #21

I created a small photostory about my daughter's first MS150 tour from Houston to Austin. I used the pictures that I had at hand. I can't use my student's pix w/o an authorization, but I can see that this is a wonderful tool to create a photoStory CD to give parents as a memory of their children's activities done in kinder throughout the school year.

Thing # 20 continues

CRI-CRI (LA MARCHA DE LAS LETRAS) This song has been one of my students' favorite througout my teaching career. The students sing it and role play it using a large visual of each vowel. I found several thematic songs and stories on video that I could use in my dual language kinder classroom.

Thing #20

Action Poems and Songs Printable (Pre-K - 3rd Grade) - TeacherVision.com